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Many of the miscellaneous things you should know will be posted here.


Event Organizers

Players who are interested in running WtU events may be given the Event Organizer role on Discord, which has nearly admin powers in the Guild Events Discord category. These players are responsible for gauging and gathering interest, and planning and running guild events. Players may lose their Event Organizer role if they don't run events.

Guild Bank and Donations

Note: If you use a controller, the Gamepad UI will not allow you to see the contents of the bank unless you have withdrawal rights. To view the guild bank, turn off the Gamepad UI.

Any and every member may request items from the bank for their own use, to a reasonable extent. Just bear in mind that the items in the guild bank are for everyone and are absolutely not meant to be sold. Keep your bank transactions low and sensible, consider donating items or gold of equal or greater value in exchange, and above all, don't abuse it.

Note: This applies both to Quartermasters withdrawing from the guild bank, and to Scouts and Sentinels requesting items.
Specific Items

Many of the items in the guild bank are kept on hand for anyone who needs them. Item-specific information is below.

Chat Color

WtU chat color (optional): R:255 G:85 B:255

Custom WtU Dyno bot commands

These roles allow Event Organizers to ping only the members who are interested in these types of events.

Enable Notification type Disable
?pvp-ad PvP - Aldmeri Dominion ?no-pvp-ad
?pvp-dc PvP - Daggerfall Covenant ?no-pvp-dc
?pvp-ep PvP - Ebonheart Pact ?no-pvp-ep
?trials 12-Player Trials ?no-trials
?pve Misc PvE Events (on by default) ?no-pve

These commands work in any channel that Dyno is in.

Member Notes

You can view member notes in the guild roster by pressing G and clicking on Roster.

written by @tralce on 2021-07-20