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Check back occasionally. Subject to change.

Note: Enforcement of all rules is at WtU Staff's discretion.

0. Respect each other. Treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated. No toxicity, elitism, shock humor, sexism, racism, or hate speech of any kind. Do not seek, instigate, or cause drama. Don't negatively affect the experience of any other player.

0.1. Share. Be kind. Don't be greedy. Remember that it's not all about you. Help each other.

1. Some off color language is fine, but keep it reasonable.

1.1. Don't get too personal in open chat.

2. NO charging guild members gold for services rendered, including but not limited to werewolf and vampire bites, XP and farming runs, and crafting. Crafters craft gear in exchange for materials only.

2.1. Tips for services rendered are both allowed and encouraged, but NEVER required. The content, size, and existence of the tip is entirely up to the recipient of the service.

3. Offline kick policy. Members will be kicked from the guild after 14 days of inactivity. You can avoid being kicked by posting in #leave-of-absence on Discord. LOAs are good for 3 months. Communicate with us if you'd like your LOA extended. This rule is subject to frequent change as needed.

3.1. Members kicked from the guild will be placed in the Rule 3 role on Discord, which is occasionally pruned.

4. Some topics are extremely divisive, and are therefore prohibited on Discord and in open guild chat. Remember, many of us play ESO to escape the real world. These topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

5. No excessive messaging, spamming, badgering, or harrassment in whispers, groups, or guild chat.

6. Discord will never be required for membership in WtU. However, certain events, such as Trials, can, should, and sometimes will require you to at least join to listen, unless exemption has been previously granted by the Event Organizer or WtU Staff.

7. Members who complain about the tabard or the Guild Hall will be Bad Kittied.

8. Telling another member details about the verification process is a bannable offense.

9. Your Discord Nickname must exactly match your ESO @username. If you change your ESO @username, also change your Nickname on Discord. Additionally, let a WtU staff member know so that we can add a member note about it.

9.1. Now that you've read the rules, head back to the #walks-the-uncharted channel and type exactly ?verify . If you make a mistake, just delete your old message and send a new one. The bots don't pick up edited messages.

written by @tralce on 2021-07-26