Walks-the-Uncharted is an Elder Scrolls Online guild on the PC-NA server. It was founded on March 29, 2020 by @tralce and @typus42 with the singular purpose of helping players who are new or returning to ESO find their way, in a positive, drama-free, supportive, and welcoming environment.

Attention: New members must read and agree to the Guild Rules before receiving full access to the WtU Discord server.

Guild Rules

Ranks, Donations, and Other Information

Guild Hall

Beginner FAQ

WtU Addon List

Recommended Game Settings

WtU Monthly Raffle

WtU Backstory

Other helpful websites

ESO Zone Story Order(source)

Crafting Material Calculator

ESO Database

ESO Sets

ESO Skillbook

Tamriel Trade Centre

UESP's interactive ESO map

written by @tralce on 2021-06-13