Cyrodiil Town Dailies

Town quests in Cyrodiil are daily quests that reward XP, Alliance Points and Cyrodiil set items. They are a great way to participate in certain events (Whitestrake’s Mayhem and the Anniversary Jubilee) and to fill out your set collection.

There are 48 repeatable town quests in Cyrodiil, but only 37 of them are worth doing. There are five towns in Cyrodiil, three of which can be taken by an alliance (Cropsford, Bruma, Vlastarus) and two of which are permanently neutral (Cheydinhal, Chorral/Weynon Priory). There are two quest-givers in each town. If you accept the quest and then abandon it, it will re-roll which quest the quest-giver offers.

Completion times include ideal travel from the nearest Transitus at maximum horse speed.


  • Total quests: 9
  • Completion time: 15 minutes
  • Average Quest Time: 98 seconds

Ufgra gra-Gum

  • fastest: Bloody Hand Skirmisher, Securing Knowledge, Harvest Time (respawn timer for grain = 2:30)
  • medium: Timberscar Troubles, The Dead of Culotte

Prefect Antias (inside house)

  • fastest: Offerings to Zenithar
  • medium: The Hedoran Estate, Crown Point, Seeds of Hope (delve)


  • Total quests: 10
  • Completion time: 16 minutes
  • Average Quest Time: 95 seconds

Grigerda (inside manor house)

  • fastest: Bring Down the Magister, Requests for Aid, Timely Intervention, The Unseen
  • medium: Know thy Enemy (can be fast if done at the same time as Enemy Reinforcements)

Hjorik (inside chapel)

  • fastest: Dangerously Low, Lost and Alone, Enemy Reinforcements
  • medium: The Standing Stones, Capstone Caps (delve)


  • Total quests: 9
  • Completion time: 15 minutes (without Death to the Crone)
  • Completion time: 24 minutes (total)
  • Average Quest Time (without Death to the Crone): 99 seconds


  • fast: Silver Scales
  • medium: Essence of Flame, An Evil Presence, Mementos

Nelerien (inside barracks)

  • medium: Bear Essentials, Rock Bone Diplomacy, The Direct Approach
  • slow: For a Friend
  • extremely slow: Death to the Crone (delve)


  • Total quests: 10
  • Completion time: 19 minutes
  • Average Quest Time: 112 seconds

Vyctoria Girien

  • fastest: Prisoners of War, Spice, Thorns in Our Side
  • medium: The Burned Estate, Ayleid Treasure (delve)

Sylvian Herius

  • fastest: A Debt Come Due, Bloodied Waters, Keepsake, Stacking the Odds
  • medium: For Piety’s Sake

Chorrol / Weynon Priory

  • Total quests: 10
  • Completion Time: (way too long / not tested)

Lliae the Quick (Chorrol)

  • fastest: Field of Fire
  • slow: Death to the Black Daggers, Guard Work is Never Done, The Cache, The High Cost of Living

Mael (Weynon Priory)

  • medium: Claw of Akatosh, The Lich
  • slow: Overdue Supplies, Abominations (delve), Black Dagger Supplies

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