Minecraft Server

Walks-the-Uncharted members are welcome and encouraged to join our Minecraft server to chill and build! This is an experimental project to give our guildies another place to hang out, relax, and create. Come join us and see what we can build together.

Our server is runs Java Edition 1.20.4. We have built a large valley town in the area surrounding worldspawn. Our large world contains an almost obsessively large minecart rail system.

Our server address is mc.wtu.fyi, and we also have a hosted web map, powered by Dynmap.

Exciting news! As of October, 2022, our server now accepts connections from Minecraft Bedrock players, thanks to GeyserMC!

Attention: All new joinees are jailed to Adventure Mode, so send @tralce a DM on Discord, in order for her to change your Game Mode.

The rules on our Minecraft server are essentially the same as the Guild Rules, with a couple additional ones:

  • Absolutely no griefing. Don’t mess with anything you didn’t create. If you think you need to change anyone’s existing build for any reason, ask them first.
  • Ask permission before even considering using another player’s resources.

Here are some screenshots! (OptiFine on)

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