So You Want to Be a Pathfinder

Well, you’re here! Thanks for considering helping Walks-the-Uncharted by learning how to become a Pathfinder!

Pathfinders are some of the most important members of WtU. They gather interest, plan, organize, and lead our guild’s numerous Events. They command a certain amount of respect in the guild body, and thus carry a certain level of responsibility, much of which surrounds upholding the Event Etiquette.

But enough about that. If you’re here, you probably already know all of this, and want to know what it takes to wear that gorgeous green role color.

Note: Members new to the guild may be asked to wait. The rank of Pathfinder comes with a certain amount of power, and we only give this power to members we know and trust.

Step 1: Express interest

Just ask a WtU staff member (an Officer or a GM) to get started!

Under normal circumstances – real life and time depending, of course – the staff member you approach will become your “sponsor” of sorts; the person who’ll help you get started. Sometimes your sponsor will point you to someone else, and that will almost universally be due to a time constraint.

Your sponsor will almost definitely point you back here to ensure you’ve read all of this and understand it.

Step 2: Onboarding

Your sponsor will answer any questions you may have that aren’t already covered by this page. They will also give you the @Pathfinder-in-Training role on Discord, which gives you access to our super secret #event-ideas channel, where we discuss and plan guild events, and nearly full Pathfinder power in the “Guild Events” category of channels on Discord.

Now is the time to discuss your event idea with the Pathfinders and staff. Iron out any potential complications before moving on to step 3.

Be sure to read the pins in #event-ideas while you’re there.

Step 3: Your first event

Your sponsor will guide you through the process of creating your first event channel, and, if applicable, the process of employing Raid Helper and/or Simple Poll for creating signups and polls.

Your sponsor will come with you to your first event and act in the capacity of a player, and only exercise their power in times of need. This ensures that your first event runs smoothly, and helps you get a feel for how we lead events in WtU. Your sponsor will also help maintain order, and help uphold the Etiquette, if necessary. They may, and likely will, take you aside after the event to share any notes or commendations they may have with you.

Depending on the type of event you choose to lead, you might be promoted to full Pathfinder immediately, or we may require another run or two. We may also require a sponsored run if you choose to run a type of event you have not previously run, even if you have already been promoted to full Pathfinder.

Thanks for reading!

We realize that this may come across as quite a process, but it is in place to ensure that the quality of all events that are led by Pathfinders in Walks-the-Uncharted are of the highest standards.

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