Recommended Game Settings

ESO has a lot of insane default settings. This article aims to list off a few game settings that may greatly improve your experience. This list is written purely of @tralce‘s personal preference.

You can access the game settings by pressing ESC and clicking on Settings.

Gameplay Menu


  • Combat Cues: On
  • Custom Colors: On
    • Friendly Brightness: Max
    • Enemy Color: I highly recommend a garish fuchsia. I use 255 / 0 / 156.
    • Enemy Brightness: Max


  • Consolidate Area Loot: On
  • Auto Loot: On
    • Just take everything.
  • Default Soul Gem: Crown
    • Use them up first!

Interface Menu

Chat Bubbles

  • Chat Bubbles: On
    • Easily see who said something. Very helpful in a group; type “res” in chat and everyone can see you!

Nameplates Menu


  • Nameplates: On
    • See other players’ names, titles, and guild tag without targeting them.


  • Healthbars: On
    • See other players’ health without targeting them.


  • Target Markers: On
  • Target Marker Size: at least 65
    • Useful when trial leads mark enemies for kill priority

Social Menu

Chat Settings

  • Profanity Filter: Off
    • this is the worst filter in the history of gaming.

Chat Color

WtU chat color (optional): R:255 G:85 B:255 (#FF55FF)

Combat Menu

The following four settings ensure that you can always see your skill and resource bars, and enable timers so you know when a skill is about to run out.

Heads-up Display

  • Ability Bar: Always Show
    • Ability Bar Timers: On
    • Ability Bar Back Row: On
  • Attribute Bars: Always Show

Encounter Log

  • Appear Anonymously: Off
    • Displays your actual character name in the logs we use on



Settings > Addons > pChat > Chat Channels > Guild Tweaks > Walks-the-Uncharted

  • Name Format: @UserID/Character Name
    • What good is a character name in guild chat, really?

Character Knowledge: Data

Setting LCK up this way will track motifs, recipes, and plans for your crafter only, in the simplest possible way.

Settings > Addons > Character Knowledge: Data > Tracking and Priority > Defaults

  • Recipe: Do not track
  • Furnishing Plan: Do not track
  • Motif: Do not track

Settings > Addons > Character Knowledge: Data > Tracking and Priority > NA > @yourname > Your Crafter

  • Enabled: Yes
  • Recipe: Track all
  • Furnishing Plan: Track all
  • Motif: Track all
  • Priority Class: A (High)
  • Select for Export: ON

Essential Housing Tools

To set up the client, navigate to:

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\EssentialHousingTools\EssentialHousingCommunity

and run

EssentialHousingCommunity.exe. Seriously, run the client.

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