Bi-Weekly Raffle

  • Each ticket costs 500 gold. You can purchase any number of tickets.
  • Deposit 500g per ticket in the guild bank. If you deposit 100,000g, you get 200 tickets.
  • 7 members can win a prize in each raffle.
  • We use an addon that watches the guild bank history to process donations. You don't need to do anything but deposit.

Just remember! More tickets means more chances to win!


These prizes will be chosen at random at the time of drawing. A winner takes one prize package. When a winner is selected, a roll of a D20 decides what prize package they'll take. A prize package can only be won once per raffle.

Our prize pool usually consists of:

  1. A two-hour farming session (see below) ‡
  2. A motif page
  3. A themed furnishing plan pack
  4. A pile of gold
  5. A rare furnishing plan
  6. A set of motif pages
  7. A pack of upgrade materials
  8. A themed furnishing pack
  9. A rare provisioning recipe
  10. A rare furnishing
  11. An expensive research item of your choice †
  12. A 5 piece crafted gear set of your choice †
  13. A piece of rare companion gear
  14. A home crafting station of your choice †
  15. Two gold glyphs of your choice†
  16. A pack of provisioning recipes
  17. Stack(s) of crafted foods, drinks, or potions of your choice †
  18. A bundle of white crafting materials
  19. Furnishing materials
  20. A Nirncrux pack

† Within reason. No purple jewelry, gold food, Prismatic glyphs, Jewelry crafting stations, Heroism potions, or anything else hideously expensive.

‡ Two-Hour Farm details:

  • Winner chooses any zone, excluding PvP zones.
  • Winner's choice of farming category:
    • General (Mats, chests, gear)
    • Fishing
    • Chests
    • Mats only


We always accept donations toward the prize pools! Talk to an Officer or GM if you have anything you think you'd like to offer as a prize!

Other Information

  • Drawings will usually be held on every other Wednesday. The winners will be announced in guild chat and on Discord. Shortly thereafter, winners will receive their winnings in one or more in-game mails from WtU staff.
  • WtU staff (Officers and above) are exempt from prizes.
  • Raffle ticket purchases are not refundable except under special circumstances. Leaving the guild does not qualify as a special circumstance.
  • All prizes are transferable unless otherwise specified.
  • No duplicate winners.

How we pick the winners

We keep track of the raffle entries using the ITT Donation Bot addon, and record its data in a Google Docs spreadsheet. When we draw the raffle, the first two columns are copied and pasted into the stdin of this small shell script. We run it as many times as it takes to come up with seven unique winners.