Guild Hall

Our Guild Hall, Lakemire Xanmeer Manor, is located in the swamps of Murkmire.

  • Press G and click the [@tralce's Lakemire Xanmeer Manor] link in the About Us section.
  • Press G, click on the Roster tab, right click on @tralce in the list, choose Visit primary residence.
  • Use an addon, such as Guild Hall Button or Essential Housing Tools to add a shortcut.
  • Use an addon, such as Port to Friend’s House or Beam Me Up to create a keybinding.

Crafting Stations

  • Alchemy Station
  • Enchanting Station
  • Grand Master Blacksmithing Station
  • Grand Master Clothing Station
  • Grand Master Jewelry Crafting Station
  • Grand Master Woodworking Station
  • Provisioning Station

Special Stations

  • Armory Station
  • Outfit Station
  • Transmute Station (2x)
  • Assistants:
    • Armory
    • Banker (2x)
    • Deconstruction
    • Fence
    • Merchant (2x)

Set crafting stations

Mundus Stones

  • The Apprentice
  • The Atronach
  • The Lady
  • The Lord
  • The Lover
  • The Mage
  • The Ritual
  • The Serpent
  • The Shadow
  • The Steed
  • The Thief
  • The Tower
  • The Warrior

Training Dummies

  • The Precursor (322K)
  • Soul-Sworn Thrall (322K)
  • Target Skeleton, Humanoid (3M)
  • Target Mournful Aegis (6M)
  • Target Ogrim (6M)
  • Target Centurion, Dwarf-Brass (26M)
  • Target Centurion, Robust Refabricated (51M)
  • Target Iron Atronach, Trial (21M, Self-Buff) (3x)
  • Target Harrowing Reaper, Trial (21M, Self-Buff)

Vampire Amenities

  • Basin of Loss (decrease vampire stage)
  • Soul-Sworn Thrall (increase vampire stage)

Other Amenities

  • Aetherial Well (2x)


Official guild museums can be found at the primary residences of:

  • @MariahIV (Hall of the Lunar Champion)

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