Ranks and Roles


  • ri_gm GM - @tralce and @typus42.
  • ri_overseer Overseer - An account that stores items and handles certain administrative tasks for WtU.
  • ri_officer Officer - Members who have the power to enforce our rules.
    • All promotions to this rank are handled internally, among the WtU administration, and will never be given to those who ask for it. If we want you to be an Officer, we'll ask you.
  • ri_agent Agent - A rank specifically to honor those who have served as Officer.
    • These members have either chosen not to continue to serve as Officer, or have stopped playing ESO temporarily. This rank is reserved for former Officers who've parted with WtU Administration on good terms.
  • ri_pathfinder Pathfinder - Members who run group events for the Guild.
    • Any member may be given the rank of Pathfinder at WtU staff's discretion. These players are responsible for gauging and gathering interest, and planning and running guild events. See Pathfinders and Events for more information.
  • ri_quartermaster Quartermaster - Members who have withdrawal rights in the guild bank.
    • Members may be given the Quartermaster rank when they demonstrate a certain level of commitment to the guild and its prosperity, and this may occur without warning. Promotions to Quartermaster are entirely at the WtU Staff's discretion, and no one has ever achieved, or will ever achieve, this rank by asking for it.
  • ri_sentinel Sentinel - Members who have joined the Discord.
  • ri_scout Scout - Members who have not joined the Discord.
  • ri_badkitty Bad Kitty - Bad Kitty is a rank that exists specifically to punish rule breakers. Very limited permissions.

Optional Roles

These roles allow Pathfinders to ping only the members who are interested in these types of events. Use the following commands to add yourself to or remove yourself from the respective roles.

Simply type one or more of these commands in any Discord channel (Other than #welcome!) that Jimmy Wilson is in.

Notification type Opt-In Opt-Out
PvP - Aldmeri Dominion ?pvp-ad ?no-pvp-ad
PvP - Daggerfall Covenant ?pvp-dc ?no-pvp-dc
PvP - Ebonheart Pact ?pvp-ep ?no-pvp-ep
12-Player Trials ?trials ?no-trials
Misc PvE Events (on by default) ?pve ?no-pve
Housing Talk and Events ?housing ?no-housing

Pathfinders and Events

Pathfinders are the Event leaders of WtU. Their corresponding Discord role has nearly admin powers in the Guild Events Discord category. Pathfinders enjoy all of the perks that Quartermasters do.

With that said, WtU staff is selective in the process of choosing and promoting new Pathfinders. These players are pillars of the community, well-known, friendly, helpful, patient. They willingly comply with our Event Etiquette. Pathfinders represent everything WtU stands for.

Do you want to be a Pathfinder? If you do, talk to @tralce, but not before reading this.

Prospective pathfinders will be required to run a test event or two with a sponsor from the Admin team. Pathfinders in Training are responsible for designing the event they would like to host and choosing the day and time of that event. The sponsor will help with any questions they have, such as setting up channels, using roster and poll bots, and anything else the Pathfinder in Training needs to know. They must also be willing to listen to constructive critisim relating to these test events and subsequent events.

Note: Pathfinders may lose their rank if they don't run events.

Member Notes

You can view member notes in the guild roster by pressing G and clicking on Roster.

Note Description
Master Crafter Members who have researched all 324 crafting Traits.
Grand Master Crafter 9-Trait Master Crafters who also have unlocked the Grand Master Crafter achievement.
Day One Member These select few joined Walks-the-Uncharted the day it was created.
Pronouns Members who would like pronouns known may ask to have them listed here.
PvP These members are pro PvPers! Ask them anything about PvP!
LOA Assigned when a member has informed WtU staff they'll be away. Temporarily exempt from offline kicks.
Formerly... Members who changed their username.