Event Etiquette

It only takes one toxic person to poison a group. Don’t be that person.


Note: If you’re not familiar with using the Raid-Helper Discord bot, please refer to our Signup Bots page.

No matter what event you’re excited to participate in, please:

  • Remember that Crown (the group leader) is king, and the group is Crown’s kingdom.
  • ASK Crown, if you have a suggestion, whether they’d like to hear it, and don’t be upset if they say no, or if they don’t follow your advice.
  • Be online on time, or better yet, 15 minutes early.
    • Update your addons, if you use them.
    • Empty your inventory.
    • Repair your weapons and armor.
    • Prebuff with food or drink.
    • Have more than plenty of Potions, Soul Gems, Repair Kits, and anything else you may need on you.
    • Leave your group if you’re still in one.
  • Be online and verified on Discord.
    • Children, pets, or other background noise? Please consider using Noise Cancellation and Push-to-Talk.
    • Be respectful. The rules still apply, even on voice.
  • Never just criticize people. Be constructive!
  • Remember to wait until after the event has ended to discuss any conflict that may arise.
  • You are responsible for remembering that you signed up for an event. Don’t double book yourself.
  • Un-sign up as soon as possible if you realize you can’t make it. Communication is key.
  • Remember that only a certain level of tomfoolery and shenanigans is expected and accepted. Too much is too much.
  • Don’t play with the target icons. Crowns use them to indicate targets.
  • Keep discussions on-topic in event text channels. Use the appropriate channels to ask for advice, request other runs, or discuss anything not pertinent to the event.
  • Keep voice channels clear of excessive chatter. Pathfinders can and will warn and mute event participants at their discretion.

Note: Players with hearing disabilities will always be exempt from any Discord requirements. If this applies to you, please contact your event leader so that we can accommodate.

Pathfinders, please:

  • Never overlap another Pathfinder’s event.
  • Leave more time than you think you’ll need! Many guild members are new to ESO!
  • If you have a hard time limit, post it in the channel. Give members more than enough warning.
  • Try not to change times. We understand, life happens. Just try to avoid changing your event times.
  • Keep the non-discord members in mind, if your event is open to people who are not in voice. Clear communication is essential, so either type instructions, or assign someone else to type instructions.

Note: Members are now unable to post in event channels! Use the channels’ Discussion Thread to discuss the events.

Note: In any guild event that has a leader, Crowns have limited moderator privileges which they can and will use to maintain order. This includes, but is not limited to, server muting, kicking from groups, and banning from future events.

Note: Use PUGs and fills from other guilds only in extreme desperation; never invite a non-WtU member to a group unless you have exhausted all other options. Players from elsewhere are an unknown quantity, and can, and often do, ruin the experience, especially for newcomers. In addition, inviting a fill who is not in the guild to our Discord server is strictly against the Rules (Discord section).


Trial participants

Note: Discord (at least to listen) is required in Trials unless otherwise specified on the signup sheet or by permission of the Crown.

  • When grouping up for a trial run, support players are usually picked first, and then the remainder of the group is picked in order of sign up.
  • Ask any questions you have, especially when Crown (the trial leader) asks. We’d prefer to over-explain fight mechanics than let you die repeatedly, or suffer multiple group wipes. Communication is crucial. If you don’t understand something, ask.
  • If you know more about the trial than Crown, that’s ok! If Crown asks for your input, give only the input you were asked for. Being asked for input does not make you the new Crown.
  • Do not make callouts unless you’re asked to.
  • Never talk over Crown.
  • If you have a hard stop time, let Crown know beforehand.
  • If you’re afraid you might not get a word in, ask in /group chat.
  • Set aside a reasonable amount of time for a trial event. Some trials can easily take two hours or more. Some take less.
  • Have faith in your tanks and healers! They’re working as hard as you are, or harder. Don’t badger them for resources.
  • Mind your positioning. Unless you’re asked to, don’t stand near the tank(s). They’re standing where they are to keep you safe.
  • Unless otherwise specified by Crown, DPS are first up to revive dead players. Healers are too busy healing, and tanks are too busy tanking. Revive players when you can, but don’t get killed in the process. Resurrection priority:
    1. Tanks
    2. Healers
    3. DPS
  • Don’t bother with loot distribution until the end of the trial. There will be plenty of time for that afterward.
  • No showboating, no excessive shenanigans. Even if you can stand in the dragon’s fire and heal yourself through it, even if you jump off cliffs or otherwise die repeatedly, not everyone thinks it’s funny.
  • Read the room. We run a number of different kinds of trials in WtU, and the importance of these guidelines depends on the seriousness of the run. They are ranked in ascending order of seriousness:
    1. Fun Runs
    2. Gear Runs
    3. Teaching Runs
    4. Veteran Runs

Trial Crowns

  • Explain mechanics patiently, but quickly and concisely. No one wants to listen for 15 minutes about one boss.
  • Remember the crucial question, “any questions?”
  • Remember that a majority of the members of your group may be far less experienced than you are.
  • Veteran Runs: No one who hasn’t run it on normal has any business there, so there’s no reason to explain mechanics present on normal.
  • /whisper chat is a powerful tool. No one wants to be called out in open voice chat, especially when they’re just trying to help.

Zone Clears

Zone Clear Participants

  • We kill Group Bosses, collect easy-to-grab Skyshards, clear Dolmens/Geysers/Harrowstorms/Deadlands Portals if they spawn, and occasionally run Public Dungeons. We never clear delves, grab every Skyshard, or do zone quests.
    • Interesting fact: Both Public Dungeons and Delves have Instance Limits, so most of the time, not all of the group can progress through these instances together!
  • WAIT for the entire group to be present before attacking Group Bosses and Public Dungeon Bosses! Achievements are awarded for completing these, and waiting for respawns slows the group down.
    • Interesting fact: Out of everyone attacking the boss, only the top 12 damage dealers get loot.


All PvP Events

  • Wait for Crown to tell you where to revive. You can easily be separated from the group if the map changes!
  • Always stay with Crown unless Crown says otherwise:
    • To avoid confusing other members of the group
    • To avoid splitting the group
    • So that you’re near the group when you run into trouble
  • Do not troll WtU PvP events by joining the same campaign under a different faction.
  • Don’t follow players who aren’t Crown.
  • Keep chatter down during a fight.
  • Save your Ultimate.
  • Never argue with Crown. If you have an idea, mention it once, and move on. Crown is King.


  • Seriously read the Cyrodiil Guide.
  • Buy your siege and repair equipment and get put it on Quickslots. Read the Beginner FAQ page if you don’t know how. Some good starter equipment:
    • Trebuchets, Catapults, Forward Camps, Battering Rams are faction bound.
    • Siege/Keep/Bridge Repair Kits and Flaming Oils are not faction bound.
  • When applicable, Crown decides who runs Scrolls or uses Volendrung.

Imperial City

  • Empty your inventory early and often.
    • Stash that sweet Tel Var.

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