Donations and Giveaways

Note: If you use a controller, the Gamepad UI — and, by extension, the Accessibility UI — may not allow you to see the contents of the bank unless you have withdrawal rights. If you have trouble viewing the guild bank, turn off the Gamepad / Accessibility UI.

Any and every member may request items from the bank for their own use, to a reasonable extent. Just bear in mind that the items in the guild bank are for everyone and are absolutely not meant to be sold. Keep your bank transactions low and sensible, consider donating items or gold of equal or greater value in exchange, and above all, don’t abuse it.

Those requesting items should remember to keep requests short and specific. Respect Quartermasters’ time. Long requests will most likely be deleted.

Note: This applies both to Quartermasters and above withdrawing from the guild bank, and to Scouts and Sentinels requesting items.

Things we want (to give to guild members)

  • Exemplary jewelry and gear for research
  • Furnishing Plans
  • Intricate items
  • Motif books and chapters
  • On-trait Companion gear
  • Recipes
  • Runeboxes
  • Style Pages
  • Anything else not specifically covered in Things we don’t want

Things we want (to benefit the guild)

  • Crafting Materials
    • We gladly accept donations of crafting materials, and we use them to help members who don’t have enough materials to pay for a full set. You may also donate them directly to a GM via in-game mail.
  • Gold
    • Mostly used to fund our trader.
  • Master Writs
    • Used to collect Writ Vouchers for raffle prizes, attunable tables, and more!
    • Ideally send this to @tralce rather than depositing them.

Things we don’t want

  • “Sell to a Merchant” items
  • PvP items, such as siege, especially from a level up reward.
  • Non-set gear
  • Ornate items
  • Poisons
  • Potions
  • White, green, blue, or purple Glyphs

Guild Bank Open Houses

Sometimes, we’ll open up the guild bank to everyone in the guild for a short time. These brief events are announced in guild chat with no warning, and run from 15 minutes to an hour.

ESO does not support the splitting of stacks inside a guild bank, so you’ll have to withdraw a stack of items, then use/learn them or split the stack, and return the rest of the stack. This applies especially to motifs, recipes, and furnishing plans.


Sometimes, members will offer up items for free in guild chat. This usually takes the form of one or more linked items. Remember, ALL items are first come, first served.


  • Right click on an item you want in chat and link it back to the person who is offering items.
  • Request items that you need for your own use.
  • Link your requests in guild chatunless you’re in a dungeon or trial group!
  • Be specific.
  • Bind items after you receive them, so that you don’t accidentally request the same item twice.


  • Just say “me.”
  • Just say “I’ll take all the…”
  • Just say “I’ll take what no one else wants” or anything similar.
  • Type the name of the item(s).
  • Request items that you intend to flip.
  • Whisper to request — unless you’re in a dungeon or trial group!
  • Be surprised if your request is ignored if you don’t follow these rules.
  • Give away items while someone else is giving away items.
  • Forget these instructions.

In case this isn’t clear enough, we do not allow whisper sniping in guild chat giveaways.

In November, 2023, I ran a poll to determine if WtU members were happy with these giveaway rules. The voters overwhelmingly agreed to keep these rules the way they are.

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