Guild Rules

Walks-the-Uncharted operates on a strike-based moderation system.

Note: Enforcement of all rules is at WtU Staff’s discretion, and in the spirit of the rule rather than the literal wording.

Don’t forget! Any rule that applies to open chat of any kind still applies to private messages between guild members, both in-game and on Discord. Know your audience. If you choose to ignore this suggestion, you are solely responsible for the outcome.

  1. Respect each other:
    1. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.
    2. No toxicity, elitism, shock humor, trolling, bigotry, sexism, racism, ableism, derogatory gendered language, or hate speech of any kind.
    3. Do not seek, instigate, or cause drama.
    4. Do not negatively affect the experience of any other player.
    5. Do not publicly complain about another player. Report problems to the Officers.
    6. Be respectful of other players’ time.
    7. Do not discourage any player from any aspect of the game.
    8. Some off color language is fine, but keep it reasonable; Let’s try to keep it PG-13ish, rather than acting like we’re 13.
    9. A lot of our members have chosen to display pronouns, either in their member notes, Discord names, or Discord bios. Respect and use these pronouns.
  2. Some topics are extremely divisive and controversial, and are therefore prohibited on Discord and in open guild chat. Remember, many of us play ESO to escape the real world. These topics include, but are certainly not limited to:
    • Certain current events
    • Arguments about gender issues
    • Politics
    • Religion
  3. No charging guild members gold for services rendered, including but not limited to werewolf and vampire bites, XP and farming runs, and crafting. Crafters craft gear in exchange for materials only.
    • Tips for services rendered are both allowed and encouraged, but NEVER required. The content, size, and existence of the tip is entirely up to the recipient of the service. Often, a simple “thank you” will suffice.
  4. No excessive messaging, spamming, badgering, or harassment in Discord, whispers, groups, or guild chat:
    • Streaming is fine, as long as your group knows you’re streaming. However, please don’t spam Discord or guild chat with stream promotions.
  5. Do not take advantage of the guild:
    1. No begging/panhandling. This applies to gold, crowns, collectibles, items, and just about anything else you can think of. Requesting items is one thing; begging for them is another. Use tact and consideration when asking for things, and you should be ready and able to pay for the items in question, if asked.
    2. Asking for trial or dungeon fills is fine, but do not use WtU as your source for bodies.
    3. No poaching members for other guilds.
    4. Share. Be kind. Do not be greedy. Remember that it’s not all about you. Help each other. Show appreciation for your fellow players.
  6. Do not get too personal. Don’t forget that you will never know everything that another member may be going through or have gone through:
    • Avoid sensitive topics.
    • No traumadumping.
  7. Miscellaneous (but still very important!) guild rules:
    1. Members who complain about the tabard or the Guild Hall will be Bad Kittied until they meaningfully apologize.
    2. No GoFundMes, etc.
    3. You need permission from a GM to have more than one account in the guild.
    4. Do not argue with WtU Staff about moderation decisions or actions.

Offline kick policy

  • Members will be kicked from the guild after a period of inactivity according to their guild rank:
    • Scouts: 7 days
    • Sentinels: 10 days
    • Quartermasters: 14 days
  • The only metric we use to determine inactivity is offline time; not donations, sales, or anything else.
  • You can avoid being kicked by posting in #leave-of-absence on Discord.
    • LOAs are good for one month. Communicate with us if you’d like your LOA extended.
    • If a member leaves the discord with an active LOA, that LOA is forfeit.
    • Members kicked from the guild will be placed in the Purged role on Discord, which is occasionally pruned.
  • This rule is subject to frequent change as needed.


Discord-Specific Rules

  • Never invite someone to our Discord who isn’t in the guild.
  • Never post invites or links to other Discord servers.
  • Don’t mute the server and then ask to be pinged because you muted the server.
  • Your Discord Nickname must exactly match your ESO @username. If you change your ESO @username, you must also notify an Officer or GM to change your Nickname on Discord, and so that we can add a member note about it.
    • Details regarding the name policy are pinned in the #welcome channel.
  • Your Discord profile and status must comply with the Guild Rules. If they don’t, you may be asked to change it or be kicked without warning.
  • Telling another member details about the Discord verification process, other than directing them to this page, is a bannable offense.

What you should know

  • Discord will never be required for membership in WtU. However, certain events, such as Trials, can, should, and sometimes will require you to at least join to listen, unless exemption has been previously granted by the Pathfinder or WtU Staff.
  • #memes-and-whatnot channel: This channel is intentionally less moderated, but still moderated. By viewing this channel, you are implicitly agreeing that you will not complain about what is posted there.
  • You may choose to add pronouns to your Discord name in parenthesis:
    • in the format: esoname (pronoun/pronoun)
    • for example: tralce (she/they)
  • You may instead choose to display a short, real name in your Discord name, in parentesis:
    • in the format: esoname (Name)
    • for example: tralce (Violet)
  • You may only choose to display pronouns or a real name, but not both.
  • Now that you’ve read the rules, type ?iagreetotherules in the #welcome channel on Discord. This is a bot command and must be typed exactly. Bots are very particular about how things are typed.
  • If you’re having trouble, check that the Jimmy Wilson bot is online, that you haven’t forgotten the “?”, and that you don’t have any spaces in the command.
  • If you’re still having trouble, contact an Officer or GM from the Discord sidebar (desktop) or the People tab in the Discord mobile app.
  • Consider visiting Ranks and Roles for more information that you almost definitely want to know.

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