Getting Started with Addons

Things you should know

  • You will absolutely not be banned for using addons.
  • Addons do not modify the game at all; they only affect the UI.
  • Many addons require Dependency addons installed as well. If the addon you’re trying to run requires Dependencies or libraries, it won’t work without them!
    • This means that you have to read the addon’s ESOUI page on the website, or in Minion, to learn what dependencies it requires, and install them with Minion.
  • A great place to look for addons is ESOUI.
  • If you want to suggest an addon for the list, please DM @tralce, ideally on Discord.
  • Most of this article is written from a Windows-centric perspective.
  • You do not need to restart the game when you install, update, or remove addons! Just type /reloadui in your chat box and press enter.
  • Once you’ve gotten Minion going, check out our Addon List!

Managing Addons with Minion

A better solution is to use Minion. Minion is a very easy to use addon manager which helps you find addons and keep them up to date. Installing Minion can be a bit of a chore, so I wrote this guide to help streamline the installation of Minion in a repeatable way.

Download Minion from here. Double click on the downloaded file to install:

Once the install is finished, launch Minion and immediately allow it to update:

Uncheck World of Warcraft, check Remember Settings, click Continue:

Leave checked any drives your Documents might be on, uncheck any you know for a fact Documents is not on. Minion will attempt to scan checked drives for the Elder Scrolls Online folder that belongs in your Documents. In my experience it will typically fail to find this. Remember to also check Remember Settings.

Once it fails, click Elder Scrolls Online.

Browse to your
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns
folder and Select it.

As soon as that’s done, close Minion.

Once you open it up again, Minion will scan your AddOns folder for existing addons. If you already have some installed it may give you the chance to update them. If you have not installed any yet, it’s normal for the next page to be empty, and it’s normal for this to take a couple minutes.

You’re ready to go! You can update your addons one at a time (update buttons on the right) or all at once with the Update All button. You can search for and install addons with the Find More button on the top bar. Don’t forget to install those dependencies!

Linux and Steam Deck

I haven’t had time to write a proper guide for running Minion on Linux and on the Steam Deck, but know that it is possible! If you need advice, just contact @tralce in-game or on Discord!

You can follow this guide on, as it is pretty much the same thing I do.

While Linion is a valid alternative, it’s definitely not as great as the real thing.

If you don’t use Steam, your addons directory will be:
"/home/yourname/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns"
If you do use Steam, your addon directory will be:
"/home/yourname/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/306130/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns/"

Managing Addons The Old-Fashioned Way

While I don’t recommend it, you can handle addons the old fashioned way with zip files. Just download, and unzip them to:
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns
Any questions, just ask! This is a good guide to manual addon management.

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