If you find yourself using any of these frequently, the addons pChat and rChat both have canned message features. I don’t know about rChat, but with pChat installed, just type /msg in your chat box to access the feature.

/z Dedicated to helping new and returning players learn and grow, |H0:guild:700291|hWalks-the-Uncharted|h is here to assist! Fully stocked guild hall, optional Discord, helpful member base, raffle, events, and so much more. Guild website with LOTS of info. Trader, usually. LGBTQ+ friendly, everyone welcome. Click the link and read to apply. Cheers!
Hello new members! Did you know WtU has a Discord server? That's right! It features channels for pet pictures, advice, and far more! But wait, there's more! Anyone who successfully joins the server is rewarded with a guild rank promotion that is *absolutely meaningless!* Join now! Invite code 'wtu'
Our guild hall is located at |H1:housing:64:@tralce|h|h. We have all normal crafting tables, fully attuned Grand Master Crafting Stations, Transmute, training dummies, all Mundus stones, and more! Just click the link, or press G and click the link under About Us.
Don't forget to enter in the bi-weekly Walks-the-Uncharted raffle! You can win gold, mats, motifs, and more, all while helping fund our Guild Hall and our Trader! Go to [] for the current prize list and more info. To enter, deposit 500 gold per ticket into the guild bank.
To anyone just tuning in: WtU HAS A TRADER THIS WEEK! Get out there and fill up your trader slots! Sell ALL the things, make ALL the gold!
It's a Guild Bank Open House! Get to a Banker NPC, choose Guild Bank, and help yourself! You can't take only one item from GBs, so take a stack, use or split it, and return the stack. Be kind and share, but also learn every recipe, plan, and motif you can on your Crafter! Bind set items to fill out your Stickerbook! btw you might have to re-log!
Please post your request in the #crafting-requests channel on Discord according to the instructions in the pinned post. This makes it easier to quickly and accurately fulfill your request. Thanks!
Don't forget to enter the monthly Fishy Raffle! Send your unfileted fish to @wtu! 1 fish = 1 ticket! Winners receive 10%, 15%, 25% of the |H1:item:64222:29:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0|h|h we get at the end! Collect fishing achievements and support WtU at the same time! Details on the website.
Friendly reminder: if you'd like to make your pronouns known to the guild, you can ask an Officer or GM to put them in your guild note!

If anyone complains about that:

Friendly reminder: members who don't wish to respect other members' pronouns, names, or identies are politely, yet very firmly, encouraged to take their opinions to other, less inclusive spaces.

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