• Officers who no longer wish to serve as Officer may request to be demoted, and will from then on hold the rank of Agent, both on Discord and in ESO. Agent is exclusive to Officers who parted on good terms with WtU Admin.
  • Don’t tell ANYONE about the gold in the guild bank or the value of our trader bids. If you need to, vague it up. “Millions every week” is a good go-to.
  • Don’t forget to hide Officer chat in a different tab or something when you’re streaming on Discord. Maybe whispers too.
  • Please don’t approve or invite members during Guild Bank Open Houses.
  • WtU Officer chat color (optional): R:255 G:0 B:180 (#FF00B4)
  • Officers must be friends with @wtu. Ideally @tralce and @typus42 too, but @wtu at the very least.

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