Discord and Ranks


At the time of writing, we make decisions as a team about who to promote to Pathfinder. Naturally these members lead events, and are pillars of the community.

Details on the process of recruiting and promoting new Pathfinders is open to the guild here.


Any and all Officers are not only welcome but encouraged to promote members to Quartermaster; specifically members who are trustworthy, helpful, and kind.

Basically, anyone you feel deserves it. They have unrestricted bank access, and that’s about the only thing that differentiates them from Scouts and Sentinels. Quartermasters have no expectations upon them for fulfilling bank requests, though they are certainly welcome to.

If you promote a member to Quartermaster, please give them the Quartermaster rank on Discord too!

Scouts and Sentinels

If a user joins the Discord:

  • AND has verified themselves (has the Sentinel role) using Jimmy Wilson
  • AND their chosen nickname on Discord exactly matches their @username in the guild roster
    • Valid items in parenthesis are real first names or a pronoun pair; eg “jeffrey12345 (Charles)” or “jeffrey12345 (he/they)
    • Names must not include the @ sign


  • Promote them to Sentinel in-game
  • AND remove the Scout role on Discord

Either fulfill all of those requirements or don’t touch it 😛

Discord joinees do not need to involve anyone in this process. If they verify correctly, they receive access. If they don’t, they don’t. Officers do not need to promote members to Sentinel in order for the members to have access. If a new joinee claims that they need to be promoted, or anything else, they are wrong. Just point them to the rules page.

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