Guild MOTD


  • Make sure your lines aren’t too long. If they wrap down to a second line they’re too long.
  • Use color if you can. Colors are easy. They start with |c then a hex code, then some text, and end with |r. If you need help with hex codes, use Google’s hex color picker.”
    • Example: |cff0055THIS IS MY MESSAGE|r will render THIS IS MY MESSAGE.
  • Everyone in the guild gets a ping every single time you edit the MOTD so don’t repeatedly edit it.

Top section

The top line of the MOTD should always be:

Welcome to |ceb00f1Walks-The-Uncharted|r!"

***If you don't want your |cf1ca00treasure maps|r, send them to |cd0780b@tralce!|r***

Event / Middle section

EnergySynergy’s table of event colors

Color NameHex codeEvent type
Aldmeri Yellow fffd42 PvP AD Event
Covenant Blue 000ff5 PvP DC Event
Pact Red fe2a46 PvP EP Event
Fun-time Forest Green 13c700 Fun Run Trial
Newblood Blue 33fffb Learning Trial
Faded Leather Gray bababa Farm Run Trial
Veteran Violet ab05e1 Veteran Trial
Housing Caribbean Green 1affc6 Housing events
Light Purple d8a3eb Misc. Social Event (Hide/Seek, Trivia, etc.)
Public Dungeon Peach d27d2d PDGEs, anything Public Dungeon-y
Glittering Gold dec402 Any MOTD Blurb related to Trader or Raffle
Pathfinder Green 8df2a0 Zone Clear
The Perfect Pink™ ff0055 GM Trial/Event
Unused yet fe4f34 Unused yet

Non-specific-faction PvP event like a tier 1 farm

|cfe2a46P|c000ff5v|cfffd42P|r (renders to PvP)

The format for the events section of the MOTD should always match:

Mar 29, 8PM - |cHEXHEXWtU Anniversary Bash|r with tralce and typus42

Any questions can be directed to @tralce.

Bottom section

The top line of the MOTD should always be:

Look to the Discord server for the latest Guild Event information and sign-ups! All times in US Eastern.

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