General Information

  • Re-familiarize yourself with the Rules. Not only is it a rule guide to our members, it’s a how-to guide for enforcement for our Officers.
  • It’s up to you whether to whisper or call a member out publicly. For me, it usually depends on how sensitive the subject is, or whether I think the member knows they’re breaking a rule.
  • Use Bad Kitty only to stop someone from sending messages in guild chat.
  • If you need to kick someone under any of the Rules, please make sure to remove them from both the guild and the Discord. Probably Blacklist them too, and put the number of the rule they broke in the blacklist note.
  • Any and all complaints, from anyone, about anyone, are to be taken seriously. Complaints against Officers and GMs doubly so.
  • If you blacklist a user, be sure to add a blacklist note with the blacklisting date in YYYY-MM-DD format, and a brief discription of why.

Note: Let’s try to avoid hiding in the hidden channels talking shit about people. That’s not cool. We are but human, so if you see any of us starting to act like that, call us out. To clarify, discussing whether or not a member is becoming an issue and discussing moderation actions and plans is fine. Griping about moderation issues and people in general is fine. Ganging up and hating on a member is not.

Strike System

Note: Any and all moderation actions must be logged in #moderation-log. This includes kicks, issuing Strikes, sending warnings, and even general “Be On the Lookout” threads.

The core of our Strike system is the #moderation-log channel on Discord. Only Officers and GMs can see it. In this channel, we create Posts pertaining to moderation actions, and, if necessary, discuss them. The title of the post should contain the @username** of the member in question, and the post should be tagged with one of the four incident names: BOLO, Warning, Strike, Kick. The body of the thread should contain a short description of the incident, and an @Officer ping. Use the Bad Kitty tag if the member was Bad Kittied.

Strikes and kicks must also be noted on the Strike Sheet, the link to which is in the #moderation-log channel.

BOLO (Be On LookOut)

Threads with this incident name largely contain observations — behavior we’ve seen that needs to be corrected or could otherwise lead to moderator involvement. Additionally, this name covers incidents in which members report other members’ behavior to WtU Staff.


Use this incident name when we’ve spoken to a member, but the incident was not severe enough to warrant a strike.


Use this incident name when you issue a formal strike.


Use this incident name when kicking a member is necessary.

A decision made on 2023-02-21 dictated that strikes fall off after a one year period. An update to this on 2023-04-18 shortens this to 6 months.

The Strike Sheet

The Strike Sheet is a Google Sheets spreadsheet, the link to which is in the #moderation-log channel. On the sheet are four columns; Member name, and Strikes 1 through 3. Whenever you issue a strike, record the member’s name in the name column, and the date of the Strike in the relevant Strike column. Please also Comment on the Strike Date with a brief message about the incident, and sign it off with your @name.

Any and all formal Strikes and kicks must be recorded on the Strike Sheet.

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