Offline Policies

  • Member offline policies are outlined on the Rules page. In the event the guild is full and a player wants to join, feel free to kick a few members under the policy, but only if they have no LOA note in the roster.
  • Any Officer who is offline for longer than 31 days for any reason will be exempt from any offline kicks, but demoted to the rank of Agent. The Officer may ask to be reinstated when they begin playing ESO again. Agents hold all of the same permissions as Quartermaster.
  • If a user mentions that they’ll be away, either in guild chat or in the #leave-of-absence channel, please find them in the guild roster and add a note in the format LOA - datetaken - reason if any; for example LOA - 2020-09-23 - sick of dealing with people.

Offline Kicks

Note: Any officer who wants to can kick offline members. Follow the Offline Kick Policy section of the Rules page.

  • Scouts:
    • Just kick them!
  • Sentinels:
    • Open Discord, go to Server Settings, Members.
    • Search their name, right click, and revoke all Roles.
    • Apply the Purged Role.
    • Kick from guild.
  • Quartermasters:
    • Give them a little extra time, or don’t! Use your best judgement! Sentinel process applies.
  • Pathfinders and up:
    • Do nothing. Just ask @tralce!

Note: Make sure you’re checking the member notes too! Some people might just have a “No kick” note, another note, or otherwise have been offline for vastly longer than the Offline policy. Hit up @tralce before kicking those ones.

Welcome Back channel

Members who were purged under the Offline Policy may post in #welcome-back to request a re-invite.

If a user posts in the #welcome-back channel:

  • Reinvite them to the guild

Once they accept the invite:

  • Promote them to Sentinel in-game
  • Add the @Sentinel and @PvE roles to the member in Discord
  • Remove the @Purged role from the member on Discord
  • If you remember the member having any other ranks or roles please also apply those accordingly

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