• Officers have the ability to see and process our applications. Applications appear in-game as a notification, or in the guild>wtu>recruitment>applications menu.
  • Under normal circumstances, deny any blank or crappy applications. If we’re desperate for members, allow any application you want.
  • Pop a message in zone chat now and again, if you feel like it, to recruit new members to the guild. I posted mine in the Copypasta section. Use that, or write your own if you’d prefer.

Note: I use this copypasta when declining a poor application: Due to the massive influx of new members, we are now declining all blank, nearly blank, and insufficiently descriptive applications. Please reapply and tell us all about yourself in your application!

Note: If we hit 500 members, we’re removed from Guild Finder. We don’t want that. Please never let us hit 500.

Invitation and Application Priority

  1. Users in the #welcome-back channel
  2. Applications by users who used to be in the guild
  3. Applications that are referrals – “My friend @whoever said I should join”
  4. Any other application

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