Discord Bots

We can use our Bots to make our Discord lives easier.

Dwemer Automaton

You probably don’t ever need to interact with it. I mainly use it to autopost news in #bot-spam.

Jimmy Wilson

This is our main moderation bot. It’s responsible for handing the ?command commands, handling roles when members join, allowing the members to opt-in and opt-out of role pings, and more.

This is also our music bot. Only members with the @Bard role can control Jimmy’s audio. Commands:

Play music-play [song title / Youtube / Spotify playlist link]
Stop playing and clear the queue-stop
Skips to the next song-skip
Displays the queue-queue
Removes a song from the queue-remove
Bumps a song to the top of the queue-bump
Pause playback-pause
Search for a song-search
Display the currently playing song-now

Raid Helper

We use Raid Helper to post our signup sheets for events. The only commands you really need to know are /create and /edit. In both cases, when used, the bot will DM you on Discord with a menu of options.

When creating a signup sheet, use the 1 Standard template for a simple Yes No Maybe signup sheet, or 11 ESO for a DPS Healer Tank type signup sheet.

If you need to edit details about your event, use /edit [event ID]. The bot will DM you with options, but you can also just click Dashboard on the DM and edit the event in your browser, which I find much easier.

I created a page regarding usage of the Raid Helper bot here.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll makes nice polls, so for now we still have it. It supports yes/no polls and multiple choice polls. If you do not specify choices you will end up with a yes/no poll.

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