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  • Copypasta

    If you find yourself using any of these frequently, the addons pChat and rChat both have canned message features. I don’t know about rChat, but with pChat installed, just type /msg in your chat box to access the feature.

  • Discord Bots

    We can use our Bots to make our Discord lives easier. Dwemer Automaton You probably don’t ever need to interact with it. I mainly use it to autopost news in #bot-spam. Jimmy Wilson This is our main moderation bot. It’s responsible for handing the ?command commands, handling roles when members join, allowing the members to…

  • Offline Policies

    Offline Kicks Welcome Back channel Members who were purged under the Offline Policy may post in #welcome-back to request a re-invite. If a user posts in the #welcome-back channel: Once they accept the invite:

  • Officer requirements

    We do not require many things from Officers. Currently, we only outright require:

  • Recruitment

    Invitation and Application Priority

  • Discord and Ranks

    Pathfinder At the time of writing, we make decisions as a team about who to promote to Pathfinder. Naturally these members lead events, and are pillars of the community. Details on the process of recruiting and promoting new Pathfinders is open to the guild here. Quartermaster Any and all Officers are not only welcome but…

  • Moderation

    General Information Strike System The core of our Strike system is the #moderation-log channel on Discord. Only Officers and GMs can see it. In this channel, we create Posts pertaining to moderation actions, and, if necessary, discuss them. The title of the post should contain the @username** of the member in question, and the post…

  • Raid Helper

    Type /create in your event channel. The bot will DM you with a message very much like the one below. Choose 01 for a boring old Yes/No/Maybe style roster (useful for, well, just about any kind of event that isn’t a trial, or 11 for a Trial-style roster. In this example, I will create a…